Mass Action for Black Liberation (MABL), formerly known as Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, are believers and purveyors of the struggle for Black liberation. Founded in 2014, they hold no affiliation with the Black Lives Matter national network or the Movement for Black Lives.


The mission of MABL is outlined in their 10 principles of membership:

  1. MABL was built to fight for Black liberation and to defend the rights of the oppressed. It rejects and actively opposes all forms of racism and bigotry.
    • The system of capitalism that we live under flourishes from creating and exploiting racial and ethnic divisions.
  2. Women’s liberation is an essential component in the fight for Black liberation.
    • Women have played an historic role in the fight to get free throughout history. Their capacities to lead and fight are boundless, limited only by the sexist confines of society and it’s permeation into our own movements.
    • We support a woman’s right to reproductive freedom, demand that the state make abortion clinic access available and accessible to All women.
  3. We demand an end to police brutality!
    • Police brutality flows from institutionalized racism. As long as this racist system is in place, police are an unreformable wing of it. Through mass action and pressure it is possible to win indictments, trials, firings and jail time for individual cops who harass and brutalize people.
    • Police brutality is aimed most sharply at Black people. But it is not exclusive to Black people. MABL champions the fight against police brutality for all people.
  4. End mass incarceration, the school-to-prison pipeline and the commodification of “crime.”
  5. We oppose U.S. imperialism and its wars abroad.
    • The United States government has a domestic policy of exploitation, harassment, brutality, and economic devastation, carried out against Black people and all poor and working-class people. Their foreign policy is an extension of that. We defend the right of nations around the world to self determination and sovereignty and oppose U.S. military interventions. Often masked as fights for democracy and “the American way,” we recognize their true aims to grab land, gain resources, expand their influence, and/or crush uprisings and rebellions.
  6. We respect the gender sovereignty, sexual orientation, and right to exist of all people free from persecution. We support and defend the struggle of LGBTQ community.
  7. As an organization, we look to build and increase Black confidence and Black leadership. We look to advance and nurture the leadership of women. We center our political and organizational work in communities of oppressed peoples. We strive consciously for our membership and official leadership to reflect that. Our organization is open to all — on every level, to anyone of any ethnicity or gender — who agrees with and carries out in practice, our principles.
  8. We support the Fight for $15 campaign and other social and union struggles to increase wages, benefits, and labor rights for the working class.
    • Many Black people work low, minimum wage and part-time jobs. The inability for families to survive on 40 hours work forces people to work multiple jobs, often with no benefits.
  9. We practice independent, revolutionary political action.
    • We don’t support Democrats, Republicans, or any other party that puts their faith in a system built on institutionalized racism and sexism.
    • We look to organize mass forces in the streets to make change. We have no illusion that these profound changes we are calling for will be achieved through the ballot box. Our power comes from ourselves, our neighbors, our will, our commitment and our determination to fight.
  10. We believe that to defeat the empire of oppression we must solidarize with all struggles of the oppressed. This includes, but is not limited to defending immigrant rights, supporting the fight of indigenous people to exist and be sovereign, and standing with others against islamophobia and anti-Semitism.
  11. Capitalism is the catalyst for the destruction and abuse of the environment. Obscene exploitation of people, animals and natural resources has generated massive profits for big businesses under capitalism. Poor communities and communities of color are disproportionately affected by this reality from air, soil, and water pollution (due to proximity to contamination sites) to lack of relief efforts in the wake of catastrophic weather incidents. MABL recognizes the implications of environmental racism and works towards environmental justice. Human beings are capable of a more responsible approach to advancing both society and harmony with the natural world.