Equitable Development Rubric

Thanks to all who spoke at City Council meetings and/or contacted councilmembers to advocate for more meaningful development policy than Councilmember Landsman’s Balanced Development proposal. While Council did pass his legislation despite overwhelming community concerns, they insist that it is meant as a “starting point,” and that they will continue working with the community to improve and strengthen it, and we know that the community will hold them to their word. Meanwhile, our more detailed Developer Questionnaire and Equitable Development Rubric are still available to help community councils feel informed and equipped to evaluate development projects proposed in their neighborhoods. Click below on “Bring the rubric to your community”

As our community has continued to struggle against unjust development practices, our education work has increasingly focused on turning community knowledge into tools for organizing and better policy. Our Equitable Development Rubric, and its accompanying framework, offer a foundation for a creative and desperately-needed inclusionary housing policy in Cincinnati. With it, we are educating and strengthening a grassroots push for change at City Hall.

Coming soon: Rubric Guidebook for Community Councils—click below on “Bring the rubric to your community” to pre-order a free copy! Meanwhile, you can browse through the rubric toolkit by following the links at the bottom of the page.

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