Equitable Development Rubric

As our community has continued to struggle against unjust development practices, our education work has increasingly focused on turning community knowledge into tools for organizing and better policy. Our Equitable Development Rubric, and its accompanying framework, offer a foundation for a creative and desperately-needed inclusionary housing policy in Cincinnati. With it, we are educating and strengthening a grassroots push for change at City Hall.

Announcement: The Rubric and Guidebook and Toolkit is finally here! This resource will provide all the information you need to start using the Rubric within your neighborhood’s community council. The file contains links to download the forms and tools you’ll use in the process. Contact Jenn Arens with any questions.

Starting in October, we’ll have a limited number of hard copies of the guidebook. If you’d like to request copies for a group or meeting, please fill out this form.

We recently held live training sessions to cover some of the content in the guidebook. If you weren’t able to attend, the following videos capture some of what we covered. Video 1 offers an introduction and initial steps to get going. Video 2 covers some deeper, next steps for councils. Our next live trainings will happen on January 19 and 26; more details to follow!

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