Gentrification 101: A Public Teach In

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With a turnout of over 110, this event kicked off our Community Dialogues as we examined the structural forces behind gentrification and the resulting social justice issues at stake in the urban core, on both national and local levels. Some of our discussion points included how our city is shaped by class and race, what has been gained and lost through recent urban development models, and what this means for communities across the economic ladder.

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Speakers and Topics

Why Gentrification 101?
Jennifer Summers & Jenn Arens
Peaslee Neighborhood Center

The Elephant of Gentrification/Definitions
Jenn Arens
Community Ed Coordinator

Traits and Trends of Gentrification
Elaina Johns-Wolf
UC Sociology
PhD candidate

A Piece of a Much Larger Economy
Jeff Timberlake
UC Sociology
Associate Professor
American Cities: Class and Race

American Cities: Class and Race
Tom Dutton
Miami University
Center for Community Engagement
in Over-the-Rhine

Gentrification: Black Lives Matter
Ashley Harrington
Black Lives Matter Cincinnati

Public/Private Partnerships
Alice Skirtz
PhD Social Work

Housing Affordability
Mary Burke Rivers
Over-the-Rhine Community Housing
Executive Director

Housing Inventory Activity
Jenn Arens

Over-the-Rhine: Activist Perspective
Bonnie Neumeier
Over-the-Rhine Resident Activist

Over-the-Rhine: Resident Perspective
Dorothy Darden
Over-the-Rhine Resident
Community Leader

Over-the-Rhine: The Cost of Gentrification
Shireen Deobhakta
PhD Urban and Public Affairs
University of Louisville

What’s Next?
Jenn Arens

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