Social Justice Education

Mission: To educate through dialogue and experiential learning to strengthen community, diminish prejudice, and discover common ground.

Vision: Thoughtful citizens committed to a just and equitable society.

Overview: Where we each stand in the world (one’s class, race, culture, gender, etc.) shapes our story. If we are defined only by the problems that confront us, we miss the truth and intricacies of our lives. The truth of our lives is not adequately rendered through the reports on the evening news. These snippets of stories with a predetermined narrative do nothing to encourage a connection between ourselves and people in other communities with different life circumstances.

Educational offerings and community engagement begin the important work of meeting across difference. This diminishes fear of the “other,” fosters understanding, and lets us see the world from different perspectives. When we can empathize with others who experience the world differently, we are less likely to judge, stereotype, hurt, and put each other down. We have a greater opportunity to strengthen community, diminish prejudice, act justly, and discover common ground.

Throughout our 30-year history, many individuals and groups have called Peaslee and asked us to share our amazing story of self-determination. People want to learn from our knowledge and lived experience in the neighborhood. We facilitate the coming together of residents and those who want to experience our community. This can take many forms; some examples include:

  • A neighborhood presentation and/or panel where low-income residents share their life experiences and enlighten listeners about issues facing our inner city neighborhood.
  • Presentations and/or workshops on women’s leadership, understanding poverty, community service, and Over-the-Rhine history.

Our offerings are beneficial to all who participate. We provide a peaceful place where neighborhood people and visitors can explore meaningful exchanges. An important component for growth is that we ask participants to reflect on their experience with each other.

For more information or to make arrangements to participate in any of our educational offerings or experiences, please contact Jenn Arens:

(513) 621-5514 ext. 15