Girls Writing Circles

Peaslee has adapted the powerful process used in our Women’s Writing Circle and taken it into schools. Funded through grants and donations, our writing circles offer an opportunity for our girls to express themselves in an open and safe space. The writing circle is created to support girls in seeing the importance of writing and thinking creatively, as well as the benefits of lifting up others’ words, and having one’s words lifted by others. Our hope is to give our girls an opportunity to discover and display their creativity, opinions, and voices.

Girls Writing Circles are offered in partnership with


thanks to the support of the Ohio Arts Council

For more information on the Girls Writing Circle or if you are interested in bringing this program to a school near you, please contact Rachel Hollins at (513) 621-5514 ext. 17.

Women’s Writing Circle

A pause in the midst of the day, the week, the season of work and care—to take in poetry, to follow one’s muse, to affirm the voices of sister writers—this is the Justice Seekers Writing Circle, who meet each season at Peaslee.

The Justice Seekers meet on Tuesdays in one-hour sessions. They meet for five weeks, four times a year—in spring, summer, fall and winter. The $10 cost per session helps cover the expenses of the space, and writers take turns providing snacks for all.

To find out more, contact Bonnie Neumeier at (513) 621-5514 ext. 21.