Over-The-Rhine Community Writing Collaborative

Thanks to funding from Northern Kentucky University’s College of Arts & Sciences Strategic Investment Award, Peaslee Neighborhood Center and NKU’s department of English formed a new partnership; the Over-the-Rhine Community Writing Collaborative. This partnership celebrates the power of community voice in showcases of creative writing and expression emerging from the Over-the-Rhine community. The partnership also hosts writing workshops.

willa jones

The work of Streetvibes vendor Willa Jones on display at a Community Writing Showcase.

jai at showcase

Jai Washington sharing her work at a Community Writing Showcase.

Over-the-Rhine Community Writing Collaborative is created in partnership withWriting_collab_nku

For more information on workshops and showcases, contact:

Jenn Arens (513) 621-5514


Professor Christopher Wilkey (859) 572-5111